Electricity, Natural Gas, Telecom cost savings
Bob Collett - CEO
"I personally oversee the review of every electric bill, natural gas bill merchant processing bill and telecom bill that comes into my office. You will be amazed at how much you can save every year. Refunds are the most exciting... I once secured a refund of $43,000 for Princess Cruises."
Mission Statement
Advocate for our clients, and save them money on their utility bills today and on an ongoing basis by providing optimal solutions and regular ongoing analysis of client bills
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    Reducing the Cost of Your Utility Bills & Commodity Purchases is Our Job
    Electricity - Natural Gas - Telecom - Phone Lines - Long Distance - Internet Access - Merchant Processing (credit cards)

    Since before deregulation of Telecommunications services, Bob Collett has worked dilegently to save his clients money on their utility bills. He aggregated a group with a $1.8 Million monthly utility bill, collectively saving the group millions of dollars per year. With de-regulation we have seen hundred of marketeers rush in to exploit the market. The supplier with the lowest cost is not necesarily the one being represented by your neighbor, real estate agent, or fellow chamber member who is suddenly a utility consultant. Best Rate Energy and Telecom evaluates your needs and recommends the best choices. We provides the following free services:

    Clients have the option to participate in recurring audit program whereby Best Rate Energy & Telecom will automatically analyse, optimize and manage your utility bills on an ongoing basis assuring, that as suppliers bid for our groups business, you automatically benifit.